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The Nason Trust is a fourth generation owned property that is an equestrian and sportsman haven. Tucked away in the Allegheny Forest it boasts some of Kellettville area's best scenic views that can be seen on horseback and by backpacking. The trails tend to tell the story of the once bustling boomtown of Kellettville. The residents were evacuated after the Army Corps of Engineers brought the town to an end with the building of the Tionesta dam. This is a family and pet friendly location for private events.

The Nason Trust is currently offering primitive camping. We will be hosting Equine Trail Sports events at this location. Equestrians will be competing on regional and national levels while riding our judged trail obstacle courses. The trails range from 8 to 10 miles long. We will be having Equine Trail Sports benefit rides and recreational weekend trail riding. The Nason Trust is located at Rt 666 Tionesta PA 16353.


The Nason Trust is located by a significant amount of trail systems that traverses gorgeous, rocky, stream-filled trails that pass by remnants of Kellettville's boomtown. While guests get to enjoy the geology, elevation changes, with dramatic views while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities.


Campers will have access to the North Country National Scenic Trail that is the longest in the national trail system it spans across 8 states from North Dakota to Vermont covering 4,800 miles. Minister Creek Trail is a short drive away. It's a moderately challenging hike that passes several outstanding rock outcroppings. After your hike you can drop by frog rock the local's favorite swimming hole that's along the same short drive back from Minister Creek trail back to the Nason Trust. BOOK HERE


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